There is no greater love than giving one’s life for another

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Rainbows For Cloudy Minds Senior Life Training

Duane Starkey is a disabled veteran from the Korean War and well understands the struggles in life for war veterans.

We welcome all comments and response from our veterans and armed services personnel.

These white papers and articles are prepared for you based on the personal experience and eyewitness accounts of our founder and president Duane Starkey.

These Lazarus Programs, as the name indicates, are designed to give new life for the ageing and elderly when they need it most. The programs vary in subject, but all include the firm conviction that the lives of seniors and the extreme elderly can be improved with knowledge, love and understanding. The knowledge comes from 65+ years of healthcare management, the love from God and understanding for my peers as senior advocate.

This initial menu contains several selected programs for your selection. New programs will be added for your benefit. The poetic recital page in this site is related to these lessons and will be of benefit when you have the time.

We welcome your response and participation:

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